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Professor of Musicology and Philosophy Université Paris 4 / ENS-CNRS, France



Marlene & Morton Meyerson Professor in Music at The University of Texas at Austin. He is currently Past President of the Society for Music Theory (2019-20), having served as President from 2017-2019, and past President of the Semiotic Society of America (2008).

His first book, Musical Meaning in Beethoven: Markedness, Correlation, and Interpretation (1994) was co-recipient in 1997 of the Wallace Berry Award from the Society for Music Theory. His second book, Interpreting Musical Gestures, Topics, and Tropes: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert (2004) helped launch the book series “Musical Meaning and Interpretation,” which he edits for Indiana University Press. His latest book, A Theory of Virtual Agency for Western Art Music, appeared in the series in 2018.



Musicologist and composer Lawrence Kramer, Distinguished Professor of English and Music at Fordham University, is the author of fourteen books on music, most recently the trilogy Interpreting Music, Expression and Truth, and The Thought of Music, winner of the 2017 ASCAP Foundation Virgil Thomson Award for Outstanding Music Criticism (University of California Press 2010, -12, 16), plus The Hum of the World: A Philosophy of Listening (California, 2019). His work has been translated into nine languages and been the subject of scholarly meetings in the Americas, Europe, and China. His music, including seven string quartets and fifteen song cycles, has been performed throughout the United States and Europe.


Born in Greece and living in France, Makis Solomos is Professor of musicology at the University Paris 8 and director of the research team MUSIDANSE. He has published many works about new music. His main fields of research are the focus on sound, the notion of musical space, new musical technics and technologies, the mutations of listening… He is also one of the main international Xenakis’ specialists, to whom he devoted many publications and symposiums. He is co-founder of the review Filigrane. Musique, esthétique, sciences, société. His last book deals with an important mutation of today’s music: From Music to Sound. The Emergence of Sound in 20th- and 21st-Century Music (Routledge, 2020). His recent researches focuses on sound ecology and on performing Xenakis’ music (both instrumental and electroacoustic). He is preparing a book on sound ecology and co-directs the project Arts, ecologies, transitions. Building a common reference, and he is also preparing a book on Xenakis’ music.


Professor emeritus of Musicology The University of Helsinki, Finland

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